About Unsolvd.

Want to find out more about why we're attempting to document the best unsolved mysteries in the world?

It was in the middle of a dark, cold, black night in December 2014 when the founder of this website, Chris Haycock, woke to a strange dream about unsolved mysteries that plague us all at some time of our lives.

Do ghosts exist? Can people self-combust? Do UFO's fly occupy our airspace? Answers to these technically unsolvable mysteries will never be forthcoming, but that doesn't/shouldn't stop us from being curious as to what unexplained phenomena occurs around us every day.


Over the course of a few weeks we decided to curate footage, photographs and evidence of unsolved mysteries and catalogue them into one, easy-to-use website.

Finally, on the 15th January 2015 the website went live, albeit with a limited selection of unsolved mysteries being displayed. But that's just the start of some really good things to come. There are tens of thousands of pieces of evidence that is yet to be published here on unsolvd.com, and it's our task to catalogue them, remove the fakes, and bring you a damn good service to browse when you've got nothing else to do.


Chris Haycock



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