Who Was the Babushka Lady?

Why did this eyewitness who photographed the JFK shooting disappear after the event?

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This lady, nicknamed the Babushka Lady - a reference to her scarf which is similar to those worn by Russian ladies - witnessed the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in Texas on Friday, November 22nd, 1963.

The Babushka Lady was seen (on both camera and video) filming the assassination from the grass at the side of the road between Elm and Main Street. Not only did she capture the scene prior to the shooting, but she also carried on filming after the shots had been fired, despite other bystanders running away, making her a valuable witness to the events that unfolded.

After the shooting had occured, the lady crossed the road and went up the grassy knoll, appearing to search for the person who shot JFK.

The FBI and CIA investigators questioning as many spectators who witnessed the event as they could, and any photographs taken as evidence to find out exactly what happened. However, to this day the Babushka Lady has never been formally identified, and the film she took never recovered, by either the police or FBI.

Why didn't the Babushka Lady come forward with her video evidence? Did she have something to hide?



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